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Dispenser1 x 8 bottle dispenser
 Stainless Steel
 Attached Engine
 Card Reader
Address136 High Street West, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 8HJ
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Harvey Leonard’s brings a new wine tasting experience to Glossop

Suzanne Harvey and Steven Leonard

Suzanne Harvey and Steven Leonard

Harvey Leonard’s Wine and Ale Tasters want to bring a totally unique opportunity to the people of Glossop, Derbyshire. They are offering the chance to for people to sample fine boutique wines in their own time and in a relaxing environment.

They are doing this by selecting an 8-bottle wine preservation and dispensing unit, with a card reader, from By The Glass. Giving customers the option to both “try before you buy” and serve themselves in their own chosen measures.

The shop gets its name from owners Suzanne Harvey and Steven Leonard, a couple that want to bringing their personal passion for wine to the general public.

The concept is help customers shop smarter and reduce the stress of choosing a wine. Harvey Leonard’s understand that choosing wine can be tricky and finding what you actually like even harder. So finding a cost effective and reliable way in which to help their customers was needed and they found what they were looking for with a By The Glass unit.

Co-owner, Suzanne Harvey, explained how they found out about the By The Glass:

Some of our friends came back from Spain and informed us of a wine dispensing machine that was great fun and easy to use. We searched on online for By The Glass, contacted them and they were very helpful. We went with some friends to businesses that had already had units installed and really enjoyed it.

This experience persuaded the couple to install the unit and they have found it’s become a hit with the public. As Steven Leonard says:

It breaks down so many barriers and allows you to be your own judge and as a sales tool it’s invaluable, you can try different grapes and wines that you have never had before, not just sticking to the same price range.

A By The Glass card reader machine

A By The Glass card reader machine

Having the range of samples of offer entirely chosen by Harvey Leonard’s reflects on their drive to offer a personal service and gives the opportunity for them to sample a lot of small boutique vineyards that aren’t normally accessible.

Harvey Leonard’s chose a wine dispensing and preservation unit that allows people to sample 8 different bottles that sits in their own commissioned custom-made case, making it the visual focal point of their business.

Suzanne Harvey also believes that addition of a card reader has given the customers more freedom.

It’s completely self service, you choose the measure you like and compare different price ranges. You can take the card away with you with the credit you have put on and come back any time.

Choosing Manchester’s By The Glass also fits in well with Harvey Leonard’s keeping it local philosophy, which is extended to their wide selection of locally-sourced ales, wines and food.

Gareth Lewis, CEO of By The Glass, praised Harvey Leonard’s commitment to local produce:

This is a wonderful concept for the vibrant community of Glossop. It was a pleasure working to improve the offerings within Glossop and I would recommend going to Harvey Leonard’s if you want something special and to try before you buy.

Customers at Harvey Leonard's

Customers at Harvey Leonard’s

The installation was very quick. It was fitted on a Monday evening and took just four hours, including the training on how to use the machine. Steve said;

They are always on hand to help. They have been really good to us. You can phone them one day and they will arrive the same day or the next.

The By The Glass aftercare package allowed Harvey Leonard’s 24/7 contacts with engineers and extended repair and maintenance.

Not only are Harvey Leonard’s offering a fresh and wide selection of fantastic wines, but also they have branched out to offer specific tasting nights to educate the customer, previous events include Baron De Rothschild, Bolney Wine Estate and Liberty wines evenings.

They are have also introduced a wine club that for £60 a month you will receive six very different wines. Ranging from easy-drinking homely weekday wines to special occasion dinner party wines, even allowing a wine delivery service.

Harvey Leonard’s and By the Glass are truly offering something fresh and new to the local area. Suzanne Harvey knows the future is very bright:

We want the business to continue to grow, we want to be exclusively for Glossop and provide a good service for the town and hope you come in soon for an enjoyable experience.

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