On-Trade Return on Investment

A comprehensive survey of By The Glass® establishments shows that by using a By The Glass® system:

  • overall wine volume grew by 13%
  • the average price per glass sold increased by 19%
  • overall sales value increased by 28% (as a consequence of higher volumes & a higher price per glass)

For most establishments Return on Investment (ROI) can be measured in just a matter of months as a direct result of the returns shown above.

Without knowing actual wine throughput and average purchase price it is impossible to accurately calculate your potential ROI if you were to acquire a By The Glass® system. However, for calculation purposes, we have assumed that the current average sale price for wine is £20.00 per bottle.

Based on the figures of one of our on-trade establishments currently using a By The Glass® system we have tried to calculate what your potential ROI could be.

By replacing these estimates with more accurate figures your own projected ROI can be calculated from the tables below. Just select the number of bottles you want in your system:

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Enter your details into the first section below. You will need to include the number of bottles in the dispenser you want, your average profit margin on your wine sales, the average sale price per bottle, and your current number of bottles sold per month.

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Increase in On-Trade Turnover with Dispenser 27%