How does the machine stop the wine from going off?

The preservation of the wine is down to the inert gas, either Nitrogen or Argon which puts a barrier between the wine and the oxygen in the bottle

Click here for Technical Specifications of the By The Glass Dispenser.

How long will the wine last?

It depends on the wine. Whites generally two weeks but some full bodied reds have been known to last up to 4 weeks

What about the sediment?

The tube ‘feeding’ the wine is adjustable so no sediment should come through – it is almost like the wine has been decanted in the system

Can the dispenser hold white and red wine at the same time?

All our systems are dual climate controlled so white wine and reds can be served from the same dispenser. There is even an adjustable partition wall so more of one type can be served, e.g. reds around Christmas

What if I want to try the wine before I buy it?

It will of course be down to each individual venue but portion control is an option on the dispensers and these can be calibrated to whatever amounts are desired

How much gas will it use?

There is no definitive answer to this except to say the more gas you use, the more wine you will be selling

What are the sizes of the wine dispensers?

The standard machines range from 6 bottle dispensers to 16 bottles (becoming the most popular). For actual dimensions see the Technical section (link). It should be noted that in venues where space is an issue, the cooling engines can be manufactured separate from the main cabinet

How easy are they to install?

That depends on the venue. A site survey prior to installation is required. Most standard installations are completed in a day including training

Can customers serve themselves?

All the wine dispensers can be self serve however on the standard systems this is not recommended. There is a card reader option whereby customers can purchase credit which is then put on a card which then allows for self serve

When a bottle is finished, don’t we then have to wait for the next bottle to be at the right temperature?

Not at all, the By The Glass system is unique in that it has the facility for second bottle storage ensuring the next bottle is always at the right temperature

How much do they cost?

Depends on the size – please get in touch for information on prices.

What is the lead time to have one installed?

Currently 6 – 8 weeks

What if I have more questions?

Please fill out the contact form.

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