Off-Trade Benefits

The By The Glass® wine dispensing and preservation system gives wine retailers huge advantages over their competitors when trying to sell wine to their customers. By The Glass asked our retailers what they think the main advantages are to using their By The Glass® system:

  • Sell More Bottles Via “Try Before You Buy” Samples

    Being able to offer customers a sample of wine before they purchase the bottles is a key advantage to the retailers who use a By The Glass® system in their stores or shops.

    By demystifying the wines on offer, as well as making sure the customer is confident in their selection means that our retailers set themselves apart from the norm, and create a special buzz about their stores.

  • Increase Your Repeat Business

    By customers being able to try the wines, and therefore know that they like the wine before they pay for it, it creates a certainty with customers and a reassurance that they are spending their money on something they will love and enjoy. This, coupled with the level of service they receive, normally means that they will make repeat visits to the outlet in the future.

  • Increase Average Spend

    Introducing customers to new – and potentially – more expensive wine, and knowing that they will definitely like it before buying, their average spend will increase because they are buying wines they love with confidence.

  • Introduce New Marketing Opportunities

    By constantly having a large selection of wines to sample, this naturally creates an additional interest in the store or shop. Our retailers use this “buzz” and promote the unique opportunity often via social media campaigns and newsletters to tell their customers about the new wines they have in store and any special offers which they are running.

    A By The Glass® system also allows the retailer the opportunity to organise wine based events such as a wine tasting evening or a private corporate event.

  • Increase Sales of Cases of Wine

    When the customer is 100% happy and confident in their purchase, it leads to a higher spend per customer (often on cases as well as bottles) and because the customer knows they like what they are buying, they are prepared to trying something new, and often at a price level above what they would normally be comfortable spending on wine.

    Mixed cases become more common and regular orders often follow when the experience has proved successful for the customer.

  • Offer A Wider Range of Wines To Taste

    Using a By The Glass® system enables retailers to hold ad-hoc tastings with customers who are able to try a large number of wines at any one time. In addition, should you so wish, you can charge for the small “tasters”.

Ronan Sayburn’s Taste Test

We asked Ronan Sayburn, Master Sommelier, about how the Off-Trade can use a By The Glass dispenser.

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