Chilean Wine Sales Rocket!

Chilean wine sales have rocketed over the past few weeks as scenes of jubilation at the miners rescue inspired a thirst for Chilean wine in consumers.

A number of large retail outlets chains reported that customers bought up to 30% more wine from the Chile over the past couple of weeks, as they watched the scenes of jubilation unfold.

As the Chilean miners were rescued, it was Chilean wine that was the tipple of choice for celebrating the amazing rescues of the 33 miners.

White wine sales from the South American country were up 25% and red wine was up 5% on average.

The trend was repeated across the trade, both in independents and larger retailers.

Oddbins said they had seen a 10% uplift in sales in the last few weeks as coverage of the mining disaster intensified.

Supermarkets were ready to take advantage of Chile being at the forefront of people’s minds this week as they are all now offering large discounts on a range of Chilean wine over the next couple of weeks.

By The Glass® have chosen Isla Negra Reserva Merlot as our red Chilean recommendation and Viña Tarapacá Sauvignon Blanc 2009 as our white Chilean wine of choice. Both are widely available online; Enjoy!

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