Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Bread Street Kitchen’ Installs 8 Bottle By The Glass® Wine Dispenser

Bread Street KitchenAn invite to a soft opening at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen was too good an offer to miss, and the night did not disappoint.

In a departure from what we expect a Gordon Ramsay restaurant to be, Bread Street Kitchen is an adventure into upmarket bistro territory, and not the fine dining experience the Michellin *** chef is acclaimed for. This does not detract from the quality and choice of the food served, merely reflects the difference in atmosphere. It was comforting to note that the staff were as attentive and knowledgeable as we would expect coming from the Ramsay stable.

Bread Street KitchenOn entering the restaurant, we were greeted by piped music which was not at all conventional, but certainly did enhance the ambience of this venture. The mood in the restaurant was perfect for its surroundings.

There was plenty of light throughout, and a most intriguing metal staircase to the upper level which provided a much talked-about feature in the restaurant.

The wine dispenser chosen for Bread Street Kitchen is a By The Glass® 8 bottle dispenser in stainless steel and it is sited in the bustling bar area of the restaurant.

As there were four of us dining, we made sure that we chose many different options. Among those courses chosen were:

Starters included: Cep toast, poached egg Main courses included: Grilled Halibut with lemon Suckling pig, spiced apple sauce
Desserts included: Bread and butter pudding which had a topping of coated sultanas Also chosen was Banana and Maple upside down cake Visit the Bread Street Kitchen at 10 Bread Street, City of London, EC4M 9AB
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