How to Purchase a Wine Preservation System From Operating as Opposed to Capital Expenditure

The biggest regret we hear from prospective clients who cannot currently afford one of our systems is that during this difficult economic time, capital expenditure budgets have been heavily reduced – or even frozen – and therefore they cannot obtain the finance regardless of how much as they really would like to proceed.

With this in mind, we are delighted to be able to introduce two new payment options whereby establishments can now acquire a system and pay for it from operating as opposed to capital expenditure.

The two new payment options are called Spread Payments and Fixed Payments.

Spread Payments
This scheme allows a client to pay a 50% deposit on order and spread the balance over the next 12 months with the first payment due on the day of installation. As all of our prices are installed prices* there is nothing further to pay and the amounts due are clearly defined.

For example, an 8-bottle wine preservation system using the spread payments scheme will attract the following payment structure: 50% Deposit at time of order £3,997 & 12 x Monthly Payments of £333

Fixed Payments
If the 50% deposit payable on order is still problematic we can also offer an option whereby the payments are spread over an 8-month period. The first 2 x payments are made on order but the next 6 x months are payable in 6 equal payments the first due on the day of installation.

For example, an 8-bottle wine preservation using the fixed payments scheme will attract the following payment structure: £1,999 at time of order & 6 x Monthly Payments of £999.

A Cash payment (50% on order and 50% on installation) will be £500 per unit cheaper than the Spread Payments and Fixed Payment options but whichever option you choose, acquiring a wine preservation system just got a whole lot easier.

If you would like further information download the updated price list or send us an online question.

We will be happy to respond to your enquiry.

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