The ‘Guilt Free Drinking Guide’ Published!

The guilt free drinking guide is available to buy this week. A book which refutes the theory that alcohol consumption is bad for people’s health has been published to ensure “peace of mind” to moderate drinkers.

“Guilt-Free Drinking: Why a diet including wine, beer and spirits in moderation is NOT bad for your health” is said to use scientific research to prove its theories.

Said to be aimed at people who “like a drink but might be worried about all the negative stories about alcohol and health”, the book begins with “extensive” research showing that moderate drinkers live longer than abstainers of heavy drinkers and goes on to consider specific areas of health (that are affected by alcohol consumption) such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

Robert Beadsmore, author of the book said: “There’s a tendency by many to assume that if heavy drinking is seriously bad for your health then moderate drinking must be moderately bad for your health.”

We at By The Glass® agree, there is nothing wrong with a good glass (or bottle) or wine!

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