Wine Pantry Nominated for Smarta 100 Award – 2011

By The Glass are proud to support The Wine Pantry in the Smarta 100 Awards 2011.

A company with an innovative and unique concept – a focus on English wine – The Wine Pantry at Borough Market has a 16 bottle By The Glass® Wine Dispenser at the heart of its intimate Tasting Room. A visit to the dedicated Tasting Room provides access to a spectacular range of English wines. In our opinion, a visit to The Wine Pantry is well worth a special trip.

Coupled with a choice of select English cured meats and cheeses, it is no surprise that Julia Stafford and Dominique Hopgood made Borough Market their preferred venue to launch The Wine Pantry. With Borough Market fast becoming a stylish and note-worthy destination for the procurement of speciality products, the English wines sold by The Wine Pantry fit effortlessly and rightfully in that domain.

The Smarta 100, an award bestowed on businesses in the UK who are innovative and adventurous in their business acumen, is seen as acceptance in the cut-throat world of entrepreneurship. This award is a must-have for any business that is determined to make its presence felt in the market-place.

If you would like to support The Wine Pantry in the Smarta 100 awards, use this link to vote for them:

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