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The ‘Guilt Free Drinking Guide’ Published!

The guilt free drinking guide is available to buy this week. A book which refutes the theory that alcohol consumption is bad for people’s health has been published to ensure “peace of mind” to moderate drinkers.

“Guilt-Free Drinking: Why a diet including wine, beer and spirits in moderation is NOT bad for your health” is said to use scientific research to prove its theories. Continue reading

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Chilean Wine Sales Rocket!

Chilean wine sales have rocketed over the past few weeks as scenes of jubilation at the miners rescue inspired a thirst for Chilean wine in consumers.

A number of large retail outlets chains reported that customers bought up to 30% more wine from the Chile over the past couple of weeks, as they watched the scenes of jubilation unfold. Continue reading

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Try before you buy!

Picture This; It’s sunday afternoon, and you have just put a joint of beef in the oven for tonights roast dinner. You want a bottle of wine to accompany the meal but are fed up with the usual choices you buy.

On your way to the supermarket you walk past The Wine Reserve a shop that enables you to sample 48 different types of wine at your leisure. The Wine Reserve have 3 By The Glass® wine preservation and dispensing systems installed in their shop. Continue reading

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French wine to fetch £2m at auction!

A four-day auction of one of the finest private collections of wines ever seen in the United Kingdom begins today, with total bids expected to exceed £2m.

Some of the best Bordeaux ever produced are on offer, including two cases of 1990 Château Pétrus, the wine recently laid on for David Cameron and friends by the Tory party treasurer, Michael Spencer, at their party conference in Birmingham. The cases have a reserve price of £34,000 each. Continue reading

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Vagabond Wines – A New Installation in London!

Vagabond Wines located in the Fulham Broadway area of London are the latest company to have By The Glass systems installed. They opted for 5 custom made 20 bottle systems in their new shop. Established by Stephen Finch in 2009, Vagabond Wine has been created to offer customers a new way of buying wine.

The By The Glass wine dispenser and preservation systems allow customers to sample 100 bottles of wine at any one time. Customers can therefore experiment with 100 wines that are on offer and new wines they may not have tried before. Continue reading

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